SILSOFT Aphakic (Adult) (1 Vial) (3849639067708)
SILSOFT Aphakic (Adult) (1 Vial) (3849639067708)

SILSOFT Aphakic (Adult) (1 Vial)

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SILSOFT Aphakic (Adult) (Vial)

SilSoft Aphakic Adult contact lenses are soft lenses by Bausch & Lomb, designed especially for adults who have recently undergone cataract surgery for an intraocular lens implant. The lenses are made from a SilSoft material that offers maximum oxygen transmission and outstanding clarity to promote ocular health and sharp vision for lens wearers. A Dk rating of 340 means your eyes will stay healthier, whiter and clearer throughout wear for improved comfort and aesthetic appeal. Manufactured with cast-molding technology, SilSoft Aphakic Adult contact lenses promise exceptional performance that corrects adult aphakia for daily or extended wear.