Hydrasoft Toric Thin (3 Pack) (3851171889212)
Hydrasoft Toric Thin (3 Pack) (3851171889212)
Hydrasoft Toric Thin (3 Pack) (3851171889212)

Hydrasoft Toric Thin (3 Pack)

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Hydrasoft toric thin (3 pack)

Hydrasoft Toric Thin contact lenses is giving clear, crisp vision back to those with a difficult astigmatic eye. Even being a soft contact lens, Hydrasoft Toric Thin is still custom made to your exact specifications for optimal vision correction, something that used to be only obtainable in hard contacts. Recommended for daily wear but can be treated as extended wear lenses as well.*

*Please consult your eye care professional for more information.

  • Manufactured by CooperVision
  • For a quarterly replacement schedule, order the 3-pack plus the single vial.
  • The 3-pack by itself does not carry a warranty and is therefore not returnable.

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