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Biomedics 55 Premier (6 Pack)

Biomedics 55 Premier (6 Pack)

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Biomedics 55 Premier aspheric lens design effectively controls spherical aberration in the lens and human eye. Spherical aberration is the inability of a lens to focus light on a common point. That means Biomedics 55 Premier contact lenses are able to focus light, providing clearer, crisper, sharper vision regardless of the amount of correction required. At the same time, a thinner, patented edge design provides excellent comfort. Biomedics 55 Premier provides better vision, comfort, and proven performance.


  • LENS TYPE:1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses
  • PACKAGE DETAILS:6 lenses immersed in buffered saline solution
  • MATERIAL AND % OF CONTENT:45% polymer (ocufilcon D)
  • MANUFACTURER:CooperVision
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