Proclear Multifocal N/D (6 Pack) (3850883465276)
Proclear Multifocal N/D (6 Pack) (3850883465276)
Proclear Multifocal N/D (6 Pack) (3850883465276)

Proclear Multifocal N/D (6 Pack)

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Proclear multifocal

Proclear multifocal lenses focus light from both near and far distances to the back of the eye, creating the clearest possible image. This unique system uses two different, yet complementary, lenses that work together to provide clear vision near, far, and in between.

  • The two-lens system means that your eye care professional will have specified one eye as "Dominant" on your contact lens prescription.
  • Typically indicated by a "D" whereas the non-dominant eye is marked with an "N".
  • Please selected the proper "Add" power for each eye indicating which eye is dominant for your prescription.
  • Only contact lens designed to address two common conditions experienced by those with aging eyes: presbyopia and eye dryness.
  • Manufactured by CooperVision®

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