Hydrasoft Toric (3 Pack) (3851116904508)
Hydrasoft Toric (3 Pack) (3851116904508)
Hydrasoft Toric (3 Pack) (3851116904508)

Hydrasoft Toric (3 Pack)

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Hydrasoft toric (3 pack)

Didn't think you could wear soft contacts because of your out-of-the-ordinary astigmatic eye? Well think again, because Hydrasoft Toric soft contact lenses are made for people just like you. Hydrasoft Toric is a lens that's custom made to your exact specifications for optimal vision correction, something that used to be only available in a hard contact.

  • Manufactured by CooperVision
  • For a quarterly replacement schedule, order the 3-pack plus the single vial.
  • The 3-pack by itself does not carry a warranty and is therefore not returnable.

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